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Is GarciniaCambogia Extract Effective for Weight Loss?

GarciniaCambogia’s popularity exploded after a famous doctor/daytime TV talk show host featured it on his show. But, what has really driven the demand for this weight loss miracle is the solid scientific data supporting all the claims.

Want to see results? No problem! It’s all there in the clinical studies!

Clinical Studies Provide Scientifically Proven Results

Garcinia Cambogia has been used by the people of Southeast Asia for centuries for its numerous health benefits. But only until recently were the incredible weight loss benefits explored and proven byprofessionals in the Western world.
Various clinical studies have been performed to see just how effective Garcinia Cambogia extract is for weight loss. The results are truly amazing…

Clinical Study #1 – (60% HCA GarciniaCambogia Extract Used In This Study)

Thisdouble-blind, randomizedstudy involved 44 subjects, both male and female between the ages 20 and 65. Each participant underwent a tomography scan two weeks prior to the beginning of the trial to determine base levels of BMI, weight, cholesterol and a number of other things. Under strict monitoring, the subjects made no changes in their diet and exercise.

After just 12 weeks, the study showed that members who were given GarciniaCambogia extract (containing 60% HCA) had significantly decreased their weight, BMI and harmful cholesterol in comparison to the placebo group. See the complete study here.

  • Visceral fat area decreased by 59.8 cm2 – compared to 38 cm2 in placebo group
  • Subcutaneous fat area decreased by 127.9 cm2 – compared to 115.4 cm2 in placebo group
  • Total fat area decreased by 294 cm2 – compared to 261.6 cm2 in placebo group

Clinical Study #2

This study examined the effects of Garcinia Cambogia extract on a group of 50 women with a BMI over 25kg/m2. The trial lasted two months and showed that the group of women who were given premium Garcinia Cambogia extract lost more weight, fasterthan the placebo group.

  • Body weight decreased by 2.8 kg– compared to 1.4 kg in placebo group
  • BMI decreased by 0.9– compared to 0.6in placebo group
  • Cholesterol decreased from 205.0 ± 9.0 to 195.0 ± 8.3– compared to 207.9 ± 8.5 to 199.2 ± 9.1in placebo group

Why is GarciniaCambogia Ultra Slim™ is #1 For Effective Weight Loss?

Why do so many people consider GarciniaCambogia Ultra Slim™ as the best GarciniaCambogia product available? Take a look at what we offer and decide for yourself.

  • Contains 60% HCA (The same % used in the most popular clinical study)
  • Provides 1500mg Daily Dose (As recommended by doctors for effective fat burning)
  • Manufactured in an FDA registered Lab
  • Manufactured in an FDA registered Lab
  • cGMP certified facilities (adherence to strict quality standards)
  • 100% Pure GarciniaCambogia Extract with no added fillers or binders
  • Contains Calcium, Potassium, and Chromium for improved absorption (As recommended by doctors)

Highest Quality Promise

GarciniaCambogia Ultra Slim is a superior product, produced from the highest quality ingredients. Losing weight is hard enough by itself. You can rest easier knowing that we stand behind our products by offering a 100% money back guarantee.

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